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โปรโมชั่น เกมส์ฟาร์ม ได้เงินจริง

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The road to level 5 autonomy is still a long ways off

Automakers are waking up to the realities of autonomous vehicles. In 2016, Ford said that it’d be mass producing vehicles capable of driving without the need for a steering wheel, pedals or a human — Level 5 Autonomous — by 2021. At a recent meeting at the Detroit Economics Club, CEO Jim Hackett walked that back, saying that while the 2021 goal was still in place, but the application would be narrow because of the complexities involved.

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Silicon Valley-born entrepreneur commits to Oakland County for mobility startups

If there’s one common trait among entrepreneurs, it’s that they never stop pursuing a vision. Don Tinsley, Palo Alto, Calif., native and current Oakland County resident has pursued a lot of them. After a career at General Motors, Tinsley decided to go his own way through a series of small companies and is now running a private equity firm that specializes in helping banks restructure loans.

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FIRST does more than teach kids how to build robots, it prepares them for the future

Anna Munie says the most impressive thing about the FIRST Robotics World Championship wasn’t a robot piloted by a goldfish. It was how prepared for the working world the competitors already were. Munie is a resource planning analyst for Consumers Energy and a FIRST volunteer.

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Aerotronic’s AI and aerial data provide answers to companies

A power outage can result from a combination of a thousand little shifts, whether it is from a storm, an overgrown tree or even a wild animal in the wrong place at the wrong time. Managing a system this vast and with so many variables can be challenging – and that is where Aerotronic comes in to offer new, technology-based solutions.

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Inspired by automotive, mobility innovation moves much more than people

Modern mobility solutions running thousands of lines of code don’t resemble the four-wheels-plus-engine legacy automobile. Yet innovators are taking inspiration from the automobile industry to design and build solutions that move goods and services in new and efficient ways.

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Innovative test facilities advance mobility safety

Two Detroit region advanced mobility facilities were designed from the ground up using innovation focused on rigorous safety testing for connected and autonomous vehicles. We learned about the innovation behind the infrastructure design of ACM and Mcity.

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Innovation and electrification: preparing for the future, now

To win the race to vehicle electrification, companies must have a plan in place now. We learned this and more from Jeff Lowinger, president of eMobility at Eaton, ahead of his keynote at the Center for Advanced Automotive Technology 2019 conference at Macomb Community College.

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Conquering the unknown is goal for kids at hackathon event

People are more comfortable with technology they understand. That’s why the Detroit Autonomous Vehicle Group is teaming up with Lawrence Technological University and AutoSens to expose kids to AI in a hands-on hackathon May 11-12.

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Experience Ann Arbor as a tech hub at a2Tech360

Ann Arbor SPARK’s a2Tech360 is growing by the year. Through speaker events, a street fair, student demonstrations, business connections, awards, and more, this festival celebrates Ann Arbor as a hub for tech innovation. We found out what to expect from the June event.

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Carmera, Toyota working together to help autonomous vehicles see every road faster and easier

One of the best parts of having autonomous vehicles on the open road is the confidence drivers will enjoy in their safety and the ease of transportation. To get there, it takes companies such as Carmera, which makes real-time, high-definition maps for use in mobility applications.

Feature Story

Mobility Moments Podcast: Rob Stead, AutoSens

We’re talking with Rob Stead, managing director with Sense Media about AutoSens, an automobility sensor-related conference happening in May at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. Listen and learn about a unique AV Hackathon for kids and a convening of the IEEE Standards Association P2020 working group, all happening beginning May 11, 2019.

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Future technologies at the core of Michigan is Automobility report

On March 26, MICHauto released the Michigan is Automobility report. The report features a by-the-numbers look at Michigan’s substantial footprint in the automotive ecosystem. Learn how future technology is the heartbeat of this report, and what that means to Michigan’s strength in the mobility industry.

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The great transformation: From analog to digital, Detroit Regional Partnership leads new business

In the 130-plus year history of the automobile, the Detroit region has been a leader in the global industry. As the shift to electrification and autonomous control begins, Southeast Michigan is poised to keep and attract manufacturers and suppliers in this new era of transportation.

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Mobility Moments Podcast: Rob Stead, AutoSens

May 02, 2019 - We’re talking with Rob Stead, managing director with Sense Media about AutoSens, an automobility sensor-related conference happening in May at the Michigan Science Center in Detroit. Listen and learn about a unique AV Hackathon for kids and a convening of the IEEE Standards Association P2020 working group, all happening beginning May 11, 2019.   Listen >>
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The Ann Arbor region is a destination for mobility, home to research and development for global brands including Toyota and Hyundai. Located here is University of Michigan’s Mcity, a 32-acre test facility that simulates the broad range of ...

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Detroit is the world’s epicenter of mobility and advanced transportation solutions. With a diverse offering of competitive advantages, Detroit is a smart choice for businesses looking to expand, relocate and invest.

Detroit offers a suite of


Southeast Michigan

Southeast Michigan is a united 11-county area that encompasses more than 300 municipalities with rich geographic, human and business assets. Home to more than 300,000 businesses, including 11 Fortune 500 companies, 5.4 million people, and numerous ...